About Us

Indofarma Global Medika (PT. IGM) is a trading company and distributor of medicine and medical devices . PT. Indofarma Global Medika is a subsidiary company of PT. Indofarma (Persero) Tbk Pharmaceutical State Owned Company.

Our location is in  Kompleks Infinia Park, Jl. Dr. Saharjo   No. 45 Blok B.86 South Jakarta 12850.      


Year of 1996

Indofarma (Persero) Tbk as a Pharmaceutical State Owned Company formed its Distribution Unit

Year of 1996-1999

  • 4 ( four ) distribution units were starting established in Java
  • Distribution networks were developed
  • In year of 1999 PT Indofarma (Persero), Tbk was expanded its distribution networks to 22 branches nationwide

Year of 2000

  • Indofarma (Persero), Tbk restructured a distribution units to become a subsidiary company in the name of PT. Indofarma Global Medika ( PT. IGM) include 22 of its branches
  • The main business of PT. IGM was to act as a distributor of PT. Indofarma’s product and medical devices supplies

Year of 2006

At the end of 2006 PT IGM had 28 branches in Indonesia

Year of 2007

  • Early of 2007 PT. IGM was reorganized into two divisions, Trading and Distribution
  • Branch offices were opened in Solo, Bekasi, and Tangerang bring the total 30 branch offices

Year of 2008

Service coverage in 30 branches applied for Information System based on ERP Azecsoft online  integrated in all of branch offices to developed our medical devices business.

Year of 2010-2012

  • Service coverage in 30 branches, had quality system of ISO 9001-2008, OHSAS 18001-2007 from International Standard Certification Pty, Ltd.
  • Develop for Hospital Partnership with 4  (four) government’s Hospital of classification A

Year of 2013-2017

  • Service coverage in 34 branches in Indonesia
  • Become one of a distributor in E Catalogue and  E Purchasing of Government Programme.

Year of 2018 

  • Service coverage in 29 branches in Indonesia
  • Applied for System Analysis and Program Development (SAP)
  • Applied for a New Company Tag line ” Si Jempol”
  • Prepared, Process for CDOB ( good drug distribution methods and CDAKB  (good medical devices distribution methods) Certification. Any of our branches  (22 branches are already have CDOB Certification)



Become one of the primary customer’s choice


–   Strengthen and extended Networking

–    Provide for Innovation services

–    Increase for productivity in efficient and effective

2. Commissioner and Board of Director      

 a. Commissioner

– President Commissioner  : drg. Usman Sumantri

– Commissioner                        : Herry Triyatno

b. Board of Director

– President Director  : Indra Dewantara, S.E

– Director                        : Mario Apriliansyah, S.T, M.T


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